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“ALL STONES” Company specializes in all the aspects of natural stone projects.  

“ALL STONES” Company builds, manufactures, markets and supplies ALL the existing types of natural stones, directly from any quarry around the globe to any stone project application anywhere in the world.

We supply JERUSALEM STONE directly from a variety of quarries in Israel to be applied in commercial and high-end residential construction projects worldwide.

“ALL STONES” offers turnkey stone projects, which include architectural planning, project planning and implementation, logistics management and stone installation.

Our capabilities in supplying stone items, from a wide range of stone origins around the globe, brings to our customers the unique possibility of combining a variety of stones from any country in the world into ONE unique and one of its kind stone project.

“ALL STONES” company is engaged both in commercial and residential stone projects worldwide.

“ALL STONES” primary guideline is adherence to immaculate Quality Control management and execution at each and every project stage:

planning, production, packaging, logistics and installation.

“ALL STONES” company was founded by a team of professionals, experienced in planning and implementing big commercial and high-end residential projects worldwide, for more than 15 years:

Hotel Projects, Malls and Office Centers, Residential Buildings and High-End Villas.

“ALL STONES” professional teams will provide you with consulting regarding design, materials selection and appropriate appliance of stones in your project, as well as professionally accompanying the project through all its stages: from stone selection and order proceeding, through planning, delivery arrangements and up till the stone installation, at your site.

Today, “ALL STONES” continues its growth, dynamically developing its services, expanding its products and service range, as well as exporting voluminously to a selection of stone construction projects worldwide.

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