Are you the Architect or GC company, deciding which stone will suit best your construction project, and who is the right stone supplier to work with?

Theory on practice

Below you will find the scheme of the work stage, if you decide to order stone and services from “All Stones” company:

OPTION A  – Stone items supply

1.  The customer sends a price-inquiry for the stone types he is interested in.

2.  We recommend which technical parameters, finish, thickness and sizes are appropriate for the requested items (interior, exterior, cladding, paving, etc) and issue a price quotation, which will include additional alternative for stones at various price levels.

3.  The price quote (Proforma Invoice) states production period, payment terms, Incoterms.

4.  Together with the price-quotation we send pictures of the control samples for the project — 4-8 pcs, showing the full range of the quoted material.

If the customer preliminary approves the price and would like to receive the control samples, the samples set will be sent out to the customer by courier.  An identical set will be kept at “All Stones” company as the control samples for the project, according to which all QC inspections would be executed.

5.  The customer approves the order by sending the signed Proforma Invoice back to “All Stones” and arranging a deposit transfer. 

The day of receiving the deposit is ‘Day one’ of the production period.

6.  Within the production period, the customer receives weekly Quality Control reports and Production Status reports, from our logistics department.

7.  Once the goods are fully inspected by our QC managers, packaged and ready for shipping, “All Stones” takes care of safely loading the crates to the container and issuing all the appropriate export documents. 

8.  After the vessel’s dispatch from the port of loading, our logistics department tracks the vessel’s location and informs the customer.

9.  Upon the container’s arrival at the port of the consignee, “All Stones” logistics department keeps a constant contact with the customer’s clearance agent, consulting and providing him with any additional information, necessary for clearing the goods.

OPTION B – Turnkey stone project:

1.  Project planning and management of the project stages implementation progress;                                                                                                                                                                 

2.  Logistics management;

3.  Quality Control management and execution at each of the project stages: planning, production, packaging, logistics, and installation;

4.  Stone planning – full take-off, shop-drawings, productions tickets, assembly plan;

5.  Stone installation

To receive a full detailed explanation of “turnkey stone project” service, please contact our sales department at:

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