Logistics Management

We manage packaging, fumigation, loading, delivery to the port, appropriate export documentary issuing, customs clearance and delivery to the customer’s warehouse or to the site.

Our branches and representative offices in the countries of manufacturing, with the knowledge of local work specificity, coordinate with the local quarries and suppliers, handles the logistics arrangements and management.

Starting the order approval by the customer, our logistics department daily controls the production and delivery processes, providing the customer with weekly reports about the proceeded work (planning, production, QC, packaging, shipping, delivery) and the forecast and time graphics for the coming week.

The weekly reports contain the following data (presented in percentage, quantity and funds rates):

Produced items, items on the way (on shipping), items stored in the warehouse, items in production recently, items programmed for production this week.

The logistics department manages the shipping, storage and schedule priorities, coordinates between the suppliers, our customs and the shipping companies.

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