Quality Control

Immaculate Quality Control management and execution at each project stage: planning, production, packaging, logistics, and installation.

QC execution is proceeded throughout the entire production process by our QC branch on the manufacturing site, as well as by our QC Manager from our headquarter office in Israel. QC inspection will continue at the manufacture location until the projects completion.

We execute 100% quality control of each stone which is checked by the QC Manager according to the control samples, and marked as accepted/rejected.

Weekly QC reports which include pictures and Power Point Presentations, are being sent to the customer during the entire production period, packaging and loading.

Packaging is also proceeded according to QC instructions (stone location drawing and installation plan enclosed in the crates).

Our branches and representative offices in the countries of manufacturing, with the knowledge of local work specificity, coordinate with the local quarries and suppliers, handles the logistics arrangements and management, and the most important, is the Quality Control management and execution.

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